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9 Employer Examples of EVPs - Workology May 07, 2018 Lowe's hires Joe McFarland as EVP Stores | HBS Dealer The company continues its searches for an EVP of supply chain (filled on interim basis by Mike West); and CFO, a position from which Marshall Croon plans to retire Oct. 5. Also about McFarland: he was the 2015 recipient of the City of Hope "Spirit of Life" Award.

The voice was recorded by the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group, one of many research organizations around the world that study electronic voice phenomena (EVP). EVP is the recording of sounds and voices onto tapes, videocassettes and other electronic devices. Those who investigate the phenomenon say that the recordings are the

EVP:tä esitetään usein haamujen, henkien tai humanoidien puheena - tai jopa kykynä siirtää ajatuksia magneettisesti. EVP:hen kriittisesti suhtautuvat vetoavat siihen, että yleensä äänet ovat epämääräisiä, eivät kovin selvää puhetta - jos puhetta lainkaan. EVP -ilmiössä esiintyy usein myös usean kielen sanoja samassa lauseessa.

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EVP - Wikipedia EVP. 電子音声現象 (Electronic Voice Phenomenon); エグゼクティブ・バイス・プレジデント (Executive Vice-President) - 会社役員の職階の一つ。役員 (会社)#エグゼクティブ・バイス・プレジデント(EVP)を参照。 従業員の価値提案 (英語版) (Employee Value Proposition) All You Need to Know About Electronic Voice Phenomena