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How do you connect a laptop to a PC - Answers There are mainly three ways of connecting a Laptop to a PC. 1)Through LAN. 2)Through Bluetooth. 3)Through Wireless Router. The first one doesn't need any s/w(software), but a LAN card or NIC How To Add a Second Router to Your Wireless Network Apr 09, 2019 Setting up a wireless network - Windows Help Oct 17, 2017 How to Connect to a Linksys Router - Liutilities

From the architectural point of view, a router is quite similar to a computer, the only differences being the number of network interfaces - several for a router, normally 2 (Fast/Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi) for a computer - and the lack of permane

On your computer, click the network icon in the notification area (at the lower-right corner of your screen). Click the network you’re going to connect. Choose the network by its SSID (the name of a network). If you don’t know the name, check your router or ask the administrator of this network. How to connect my internet router to my computer - Quora You can use an Ethernet cable to connect from your router to your laptop/computer directly. If you want many people to use the internet and in this case the internet router is the one installed by your ISP, you can buy another wireless router an connect it to your ISP's router.

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