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But, here is a step-by-step for removing your information from the Spokeo site. Go to 1. Enter your name. 2. It returns everyone with your name. Select your state, then select your city and state. 3. Select your specific address. This is a sample of the profile it brings up. 4. Copy the url at the top of the site for your specific How did you get the data for my report? We generate TruthFinder reports by collecting data from local, state, federal, and independent sources. Then we compile that data for our members. Our site makes viewing public records easy and convenient. Will I still be able to use TruthFinder if I opt out? Yes. You have to access the relevant information in order to get the relevant results. BeenVerified. As far as website transparency and usability, BeenVerified, right off the bat, was the most robust. It’s much better than the 2000s-looking Intelius or the scant Spokeo home page, which didn’t provide much in the way of details. Jan 05, 2011 · How do I get personal info off I just searched for myself and family members on spokeo,com and found that it has our home addresses and other personal info.

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Spokeo - Helpful Web App or Cyber-stalking Tool? – SheGeeks The controversy is this: People who use the Spokeo service to find more information about their friends or email contacts unwittingly cause Spokeo to send a scary notification to those very people. People who are minding their own business suddenly get a notification like this one.

Let me tell you the process of web crawling in this regard. Many websites perform web crawling which is nothing but gathering information about different things about a person including person name, address, mobile, etc.

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