Has Shibby abandoned Tomato? No Updates for awhile

Download AdvancedTomato router firmware for your Tomato supported router. Tomato is a family of community-developed, custom firmware for consumer-grade computer networking routers and gateways powered by Broadcom chipsets. The goal of the project is to provide users with an alternative to the firmware pre-installed on their equipment by the manufacturer, providing: Additional features, making fuller use of the device's hardware Enhanced security More frequent updates Ultimately, greater control over its configuration and behavior With over a decade of free open-source Jul 17, 2014 · Tomato, in my opinion, is a superior firmware; although, it takes a little more digging to find out if your router is supported. Nonetheless, with a little searching online, you can quickly find out if your device is supported or not. If you plan to use Tomato, simply search the firmware name, followed by your routers model number.

putty; TFTP client for Windows; Asus Firmware Restoration (Asus RT-N66u Utility); TCPOptimizer – use this when Tomato GUI won`t works on Windows XP

DD-WRT vs. Tomato firmware - deepwebsiteslinks On the 2.4GHz channel, Tomato by Shibby gets us an average speed of 56mbps ( compared between 3 tests), while DD-WRT slightly fell behind with 50mbps. And on the 5GHz channel too, Tomato by Shibby gets us an average speed of over 100mbps, while compared to just 95mpbs on an average with DD-WRT.

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Upgrade Firmware. This option lets you upgrade or change your routers firmware. To upgrade your firmware, download the latest version of tomato for your specific device, or download another 3rd party firmware you would like to upgrade to. Then click Browse, and navigate to where you downloaded the firmware file (should be a .bin or .trx; if its Apr 11, 2018 · In order to set up wireless access on a Tomato router, you will first need to access the router itself, you can do this by typing in the IP address of the router into your web browser. The default IP address for a Tomato router is Log in to the router with the following information: Username: admin Password: admin Dec 16, 2016 · In this guide we will focus on Tomato, using Shibby’s 64KB version on an ASUS RT-N66U router. Before starting, it is advisable to update the router’s factory firmware but if the manufacturer doesn’t offer firmware updates for your router, you can simply move on to flashing with Tomato. Tomato Flashing Guide